• Fabienne FELIX

    Dear Sir, Madam,

    If you are here, it is because my resume is in your hands

  • Happy to meet you soon,

    and talk about how we can exchange best practices and make our work together better with digital transformation subjects.

    I'm like a pillow that take care of customers

    I believe that my job is to help you find comfort and serenity for the duration of the project. Your attention can be relaxed confidently. As a pillow, I have to be there when you need and you should know where you can find me. I am mobile and flexible, but sometimes I will be firm, for your own good.

    Happiness is the most important

    I'm convinced that the digital transformation and innovations help to be concentred on strategic and prospective subjects. The fact that actions and reflections make sense, are an essential motivation that makes me more creative, productive and happy at work.

  • Skills

    Just to have an idea of what I can do for you


    Growth Hacking & Social selling,

    Support tools for sale

    Newsletter & blogging,

    Community Management,

    Analyse (SEO / SEM).


    Design training program,

    Training professionals,

    Facilitator recruitment,

    Agile methods adapted into a sprint


    Sales & Account management,

    Retail management,

    Customer Success, (B2B / B2C),
    Revue business (KPI, NPS, etc.).

    Project management

    Functional management as UX,

    Planification & Road Map,

    Team coordination.

  • Experience

    Places and people I've worked with

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    Head of community

    Oct 2015 - Current

    Full time

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    Product owner

    April 2014- Jan 2015


    broken image


    Digital marketing agent

    Feb 2010 - Aug 2015


    broken image

    Y. Hutchinson

    Digital communication

    Jan - April 2014


    broken image

    Ionis STM

    Digital Speaker

    March 2015


    broken image


    Pedagogical coordinator

    Jan 2011- July 2011

    Full time

    broken image


    Distribution manager

    Jan 2006 - June 2009

    Full time

    broken image

    Orange France


    April 2003- March 2004

    Full time

  • About blogging

    I am also that...what are my professional guidelines

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    Le « virage digital » dans les relations interentreprises

    vrai défi ou effet de mode ?

    Selon un rapport récent dirigé par l’agence DAGOBERT en 2015, il ressort que 80% des entreprises considèrent les réseaux sociaux comme « importants »...

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    La transformation numérique :

    Quels impacts sur nos métiers ?

    C’est un fait, la Transformation Numérique fait peur! On parle de plus en plus de disparition de métiers et d’emplois en masse...

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    Le bonheur au travail :

    Un Buzzword algorithme ou nouveau paradigme ?

    À l’heure de la 3ème révolution industrielle qui change radicalement nos usages et nos métiers, les résistances au changement se font légion...

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    broken image

    La nouvelle gestion de la relation client

    Le customer success management

    Avant, la gestion de la relation client (ou GRC), c'était...

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  • Social

    Who I am... Things I like, what are my personal expectations.


    Let's talk about opportunities to share !

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